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Getting a jump on this coming years Star Party planning? The page still needs to have some formatting updated but […].

Best Astrologers & Psychics in Fairfax, VA

By Arlen Raasch T March is the time of the year when the Messier Marathon is possible. This is also a great time to get started on your Binocular Messier observing program. By Paul Derby T Donation , eBay , Holidays. Dues provide a solid base for our operations with patron and supporting memberships providing additional funding for our outreach and educational activities.

Zoccoli , Modena, Italy. This is a personal, private forecast, in person or by phone. Please call or email for free first forecast. Have your birthdate, time of birth as closely as you know it , and place of birth hand. Ask me your specific questions about your own future, and tell me your current status married, work, etc.

Is a frequent contributor of articles to professional publications. Marie Helena Cisneros Phone: I also do Celtic Astrology and have developed a new form of this.

Centro Astrologico de Salta, Salta, , Argentina. Markoe, Gerald Jay Phone: Box , NY, NY I have appeared on television programs in CT and Long Island. Vignette, Carol Moore, a weekly television program. Also, beyond the unexplained with Janet Russell. Specializes in natal, transits and progressions. Sep 21 Phone: Natal, compatibility and horary.

Specializing in humanistic , spiritual, karmatic, predictive astrology, and relationship charts. Is the author of "Astrocycles: Mary Anna Abuzahra Phone: Rua dos Douradores N.

Beginning astrology: before you even learn the zodiac.

Is an authorized dealer of Astrolabe sof. Natal, helio, horary and mundane. Via Cardinale Mimmi 16, Bari, , Italy. Mc Laughlin, Tom Birth: We specialize in relationships, business astrology, progressions, life path progress, and symbols. Natal, forecasting, synastry and composite. Natal, transits, abstract astrology art.

Plan your life and future with an Astrological consult. Understand the cycles of your life, and what they mean.

Learn to take advantage of life's cycles to better and enrich your life! Is the founder of Astrological Socie. McLane Smith, Jill Birth: McMillan, Binah Taylor Phone: Medium Coeli Magazine Birth: Contain high level astrological articles written by renowned astrologers from all over the World about psychological, predictive, medical, mundane, Hindu astrology, synastry, and much more.

Authors, subscribers, bokshops and resellers are welcome. Meier, Shirley Lyons Phone: Is the author of "Elemental Voids: An astrological magazine published in Spanish for students, astrologers and all people interested in the study of astrology. Contain high level astrological articles written by renowned astrologers from all over the World about psychological, predictive, medical, mundane, Hindu astrology, synastry, and more.

Cycles Research 70 A Greenwich Ave. Specializes in astrological profiles for adults, children and newborns. My specialties are relationships, personal growth, major business and life decisions and health. I give a positive supportive reading, if there are challenges, I identify them and help to develop an action plan to meet them so you can make more inspired choices for your highest and best outcomes.

Best Astrologers & Psychics in Fairfax, VA (Free Quotes)

I care about my clients. Worked as professional astrolog since -Opened firsth occult shop in Turkey in -Written 4 books on tarot and astrology between two new books on astrological tarot are about to be printed. Pharmacist to the crown in Belgium, Master degree in philosophie, adherent member of Jungian psycho-analyst in Belgium.

Michael, Chad Precession Astrology Birth: Specializes in career, relationship, horary, electional, relocation analysis and rectificarion. R Sao Luis 32 3, Faro, Portugal.

Is the author of "Ray Centered Astrology. Douglas USA weather predicting; astrological analysis of military engagements. Lot 65, Mt. Mirazo, Maurocio Padilla Phone: Postal 43 Santiago N.

Mixcoac, Torres de Phone: In Taiwan, Email: Western astrology horoscopes given in English, Spanish, and Chinese languages. Happy Maxtrix Software customer since mid s. Church Astrological Studies Program. Writes Astrologue monthly column in acting industry publication in.

Body Balance, Victoria Passage, Stourbridge, West Midland DY8 1DE , United Kingdom Deborah is a consultant astrologer based in Stourbridge, UK, offering a wide range of astrological techniques, from birth charts to forecasting, vocational guidance, relationship issues, relocation work, children's charts, horary etc.

Deborah also undertakes ongoing work and conducts consultations in person, by phone and by e-mail, and looks forward to hearing from you. Natal, progression, relationships, relocation. Mosley, Sandra S Birth: See the free reports at http: Her avid interest in reading as a child led her to the study of astrology, and she has been casting horoscopes since the age of sixteen.

Around the same, she discovered she had the ability to read palms, which she later developed into a talent for interpreting the ancient Tarot. Mwezi has been featured on the radio programs, The Uhuru Sounds, aired both on public and commercial stations in Philadelphia.

Her 5 minute segments, entitled The Humanistic Astrologer explained such basic questions as "What is a Horoscope? She has also been featured on the television talk show, Profiles, aired on Channel 57 in Philadelphia. She has written the weekly Horoscope column for the Philadelphia Tribune, as well as theme oriented astrology articles for their monthly magazine.

Mwezi is the owner of AstroAnalysis and CompuStar astrology reports. She is currently working on her first book, Sex and the Sun Signs. Visit her website under construction at www.

Munns, Patricia Petty Phone: My Life Stars Birth: Myers, Linda Pharr Phone: Myers, Robert "Buz" Phone: Best of Boston "Best Psychic". Astrologer, psychic, medical intuitive, angel reader offers guidance and accurate predictions. USA 20 years in practice; own TV show. Narayan, Emily Kathryn Birth: Box , Cottonwood, AZ Several book and many articles.

Relationship reading, natal projections and. President of the Astrological Society of Princeton. Please visit my web sites at www. Neto, Arthur Luiz M. Has written a few articles. Specializes in electional and horary.

Nijim, Hassan Abo Birth: Wadi asir P. Box , Wadiassir, , Jordan. Nimark, Arlene Marcia Phone: Teach classes in uranian astrology.

Niraula, Udaya Raj Birth: English, French, and Spanish. Northstar was trained by some of the best local, national, and international teachers in astrology, tarot, and the old ways of the native american shaman. Anand Nagar Jail Rd.

PO Box Front St. Specializes in spiritual and psychological. Taped, written and email and Internet capabilities.. C , Mexico this adress its my job adress the phone also my phone office. Has been broadcasting over 10 years. Specializes in health and synastry. Ott, Dagmar USA certified esoteric astrologer, instructor and lecturer; three books; photographer portraiture, wildlife, nature scenes.

Society; relationships and vocations. Pamela Crane Spiritual dimension of astrology and Draconic Nodal astrology. Pandey, Rajendra Kumar Birth: Please contact me if you are interested in what I do. Michalacopoulou 38, Athens, , Greece. Prodlouzena , Pardubice, Czech Republic. Uses traditional and Ebertin cosmobioligical techniques.

Pathak Shripad Niranjan Birth: Ambalal Park, Karelibag, Baroda, , India. Pathak, Milind Harendrarai Birth: USA astronomy, acupuncture, Kirlian photography, parapsych.

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Perez Limon, Emilio Address: Natal, relationships and predictive with a strong practical application. Peta Loudar Astrology Email: I have a website www. Suite Wisma Zelan, 1 Jln. Tv 30 82 36, Bogota, Colombia.

Phipps, Kelly Lee Birth: Piccolo, Brian John Birth: Representative for Matrix Software. Lopasiceva 8, Zagreb, 10 , Croatia. Box , Old Chelsea Sta. Is a trained hypnotherapist. Lectures on Edgar Cayce and astrol.

Pratt, Peggy Ann Birth: She does natal "soulprints," one year forecasts, current influence readings, and loves to do romantic compatibility charts. Specializes in person-centered natal, transits, progressions and locality. Press, Nona Gwinn Phone: Pappelweg 26, Buchholz, Germany. Invoke your Inner Voice and get all your questions answered.

Proag, Anil Kumar Birth: Receives Customers From Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.

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Owns The Psychic Connection. Pt Pawan Bhardwaj Phone: Gorostiaga depto C, Santiago, Chile. Putzier, Mary Ann Phone: Specializes in natal and horary. DEAL Address: June 26, Phone: Soul Readings focus on life path and purpose, major decisions and the soul's evolution in this lifetime using astrology, numerology and intuitive wisdom.

Rae, Dawn Elizabeth Birth: Rahman, Mohammd Bahzad Birth: Natal personality,potential and Synastry Compatibility. Raj Jyotishi Pandit Harikrishna K.

Rajan, Sundara N Birth: Ananda Dwaraka, Near Perumal Kovil, Chinnathirupathy post, Salem, , India If you have any problem regarding your lie line pleast visit swamijee and get instant blessings through swamijess divine or you please "Arul Vakku" Divine Voice to get the remedy for your problem.

Whatever problem you face, you get solution through e-mail or by hand phone. Rathor, Khalid Ishaq Birth: Rathore, Abdul Basit Phone: Ream, Norma Jean Birth: Feb 11, Phone: Consultations by phone or in person.

Ribeiro, Anna Maria Costa Address: Rice, Carol Leigh Birth: Beverly Glen , L. John's Wharf Wapping High St. Azcuenaga , Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roman Oleh Yaworsky Phone: Lunar Nodes, business and personal relationships, event planning, and life design strategies.

Psychological, spiritual, psysical astrology, holostic chart interpretation. Natal charts, karmic focus, transits and synastry. Life path and purpose, spiritual guidance, synastry, and relocation.

I have over 25 years of experience!

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My specialties are compatibility and picking the best times to marry, and picking the best times to gamble using Matrix' software and my own research! Ryan, Judith Aurora Phone: Relocation, electional, and chart compatibility. Sai Astrology Research Centre Birth: Psyco-astrology and Karmic-astrology in Spanish by E-mail.

Editora Roca Sao Paulo- Brazil , Sambaiah, Acharya Parimi Birth: I am an astro numerologist. I have Kirliyan Camera.

I can do aura analysis. Angel healing and other alternative therapies are also practicing. Natal, secondary progressions and transits. Willing to work with anyone genuinely eager for insight and understanding. An eclectic astrologer, lightworker, educasted, change agent, I will gently and effectively guid you through your life journey.

Satulsky, Vera Roech Phone: Current editor for the Mountain Astrol. Schwartz, Cheryl Faye Phone: Many books and articles. Natal, forecasting, electional, relationships, relocation. Jul 4 , Phone: Tutored in Australia by Bev. Farrell, then protege of Gynn Turner.

Previous member of the Aust. Federation of Australian Astrologers - listed as Research Astrologer. User of Matrix since the 70's. Winstar, a fantastic tool. Serio, Sandra Leigh Phone: Sunday Magazine, 12 Lawrence Road, Lahore. Natal, relationships, career, predictive.

Shastri Nagar, Delhi, Delhi , India. Several books and articles.

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Horary, compatibility, future trends, written predicti. Writes columns in Light Times and Hampton Magazine. Complete range of astrological services, electional. Is an editor of "Heliogram". Timing, business, corporate and financial. Shomdoy, Miguel Angel Phone: Buenos Aires, Buenos AireArgentina miguelangelshomdoy hotmail. Synastry, relocation electional, marraage charts,.

Natal charts, progressed charts, Horary, Forcast, Electional, Relationship compatability, Prenatal chart rectification,relocation charts. One on one personal counseling with a spiritual oriented appraoch. Offering phone counseling, email, faxed and taped and written readings and confidential service.

I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish. I give my client's a CD recorded at our private reading and a written report. I also do Sinastry and Solar returns.

Silverton, Kathryn Lynette Birth: Taught astrology in the mid 70's, 80's, 90's, to the present. Interested in health, forecasting, solar returns and karma. Main interest is gaining more knowledge in all areas of metaphysics and self help.

Will do readings by appointment over the phone, on tape or by mail. Simms, Maria Kay Phone: Ska Bratcher, David Wakinya Birth: Writes the column for Horoscope Guide Magazine. Postboks 7, Baerums Verk, Oslo , Norway Here you can get horoscope, numerology, chinese astrology and she reads your soulsign.

Aug 8, St. Specializing in synastry, locational astrology and issues of addiction and recovery. Over 6, charts cast! Smith, Sharon Jean Birth: Born in Dallas, Texas.

Was lectured on astrology in USSR. Srivas, Shyama Dasa Srivas Phone: Stansfield, Helena Callas Phone: Georgia specializes in business astrology, vocational astrology, timing of events, lecturing, teacher at Kepler College and her website at www. Center in Los Angeles; editor of the journal White Sun; inner guide; meditation; tarot; analytical astrology of.

My expertise includes astrology, the tarot, nmerology and Clairvoyance. Please call for any questions and visit the website address astrobeams. Also Numerologist and Dowser. Stojanovic, Prof Nikola Phone: I am a practicing astrologer and have been studying astrology for 40 years. I also do tarot cards and am in the process of creating a tarot card deck that you can see the first few cards at my website at http: Luleburgaz 1, Varna, , Bulgaria.

Anna has been a Professional Astrologer for the past 20 years. Her work is based in helping the client "get out of their own way" by using the astrological chart for Positive Manifestation.

Currently teaching "Astrology " - a system beyond "Sun Sign" astrology - a path to "know thyself" and understand more about people and life in general.

Class information at http: Looking forward to helping you unravel your mysteries. Tabatneck, Shirley Ann Phone: Glenview House, Irl-Portsalon, Co. Takker, Hans Jorgen Phone: Tanzer, Elliot Jay Phone: Tellitu, "Sunita" Isabel de Phone: Colonia del Valle, Mexico City, D.

He also appraised by renowned Astrological societies of India. As a result he can utilize his proficient knowledge in astrological consulting by employing rational approach for prediction. He, endowed with divine grace, can judge the incidents of past life and can forecast the future events with an elite vision.

NOVA Astrology Group Meetings and Classes

He has a portfolio of cyber clients and a worldwide consultancy practice. He is available for Personal Consultations by prior appointments. His lucubrated research articles have been published in leading Astro journals of India since last seven years. The leading Gujarati magazines carry a research column on astrology and allied fields every month penned by him.

He has been advising numerous celebrated personalities, builders, politicians and industrialists along with a large number of common people. Astrology, Holistic health Philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, religion, science, yoga.

A daily horoscope is a general prediction of daily happenings in a person's life that does not refer to every single person's specific situation but gives an overview.

A good daily astrologer is expert at keeping us apprised of general conditions and averting us of the mishappenings.

According to Indian ethos, marriages are closely related to astrology that times back to Vedic era. The light that Astrology Astrology is a complex science which analyses the placement of different planets in the horoscope. First, a quintile between Pluto an We find the right service providers for you!

Get notified about services that match your requirement. Are you a service provider Post your service. Switch to map view. Are you providing Astrologers service?